Soccer is more popular in Canada than a casual eye would care to consider. In a country where hockey, ice hockey and rugby are some of the sports which dominate daily headlines, it is easy to imagine that no one takes an interest in soccer. Actually, some people hold the belief that Canada gets athletically active during the winter.

In the real sense, however, Canada is just as famous a destination for soccer as any other across the world. There are millions of people in the country playing the sport every year, and a sizeable number of those actually refer to the game as ‘football.’ The country is ranked a decent 79th position on FIFA world rankings, and there is remarkable interest for the MLS teams too!

All these factors are pointers to the increasing popularity of the sport of soccer in Canada, and the need to have a website which serves the soccer community. Sackville United website is dedicated to serving these interests with soccer related information touching on several areas.

Soccer Drills

Drills are a crucial ingredient in teaching football and soccer skills to beginner players of all ages, and particularly the young ones. As the name suggests, drilling involves the repeated practice of some basic skills, which are meant to help players grow their playing abilities.

The soccer drills section explains what each specific drill such as passing, control and shooting etc. actually means, and how beginners should be taken through every single one.

Soccer Skills

Once beginners have honed the basic soccer drills, they will need to be taken through different skills which can get them ahead on the soccer pitch. However, training at this level gets a bit demanding, and young players may start drawing away. Again, it coincides with an age where players are getting exposed to other leisure activities and may prefer playing FIFA on a games console to going out to play soccer.

This section looks to explore some of the ways to get young players more interested in playing soccer outside, rather than sticking to their gaming consoles. It introduces and explains fun games which can be used to sharpen skills such as teamwork, dribbling and shooting, without getting the players bored.

Street Football

Some people are undoubtedly interested in football, but in a way which is different from the conventional one. Some want to watch and play a different kind of game. Street football is a kind of soccer for people who love their stuff to be informal.

There is a section on the site dedicated to street soccer, exploring aspects such as its origin, the format of play and the involvement of professional soccer stars in the game.

Soccer Coaching

Another exciting area of soccer is coaching. This is an excellent field for passionate soccer lovers to impart their skills to the upcoming crop of players. In this section, the discussion revolves around the various requirements needed for one to be a soccer coach. It also offers tips on how to go about acquiring coaching skills for multiple levels of coaching, where interested parties can get lessons and the cost of training.