As the game of soccer becomes more and more popular in Canada, the need for coaches to impart skills at different levels is exploding. Football bodies led by the country’s national governing body, the Canadian Soccer Association, are, as a result, running programs to equip interested individuals with coaching skills. There never was a better time to become a soccer coach in Canada than today.

You can access soccer coach training from any one of two recognized bodies; the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) or the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). Before embarking on a course from any of these bodies, however, it is essential that you take the baby steps required in sports coaching.

Coaching training is necessary because just like soccer players, an un-successful coach quickly gets dropped from competitive teams.

Get Grassroots Experience

Even if you are to coach at the highest level, you will need to get an understanding of the game at its most basic. Also, the licenses offered by the professional bodies will require you to start coaching at the junior level before you advance.

To start out, find a group of young players and start training them. You can work with them directly, or under their coach, if they have one. During this period, you will not only get to hone basic skills which will forever come in handy in your coaching career, but you will also get to discover whether you are really passionate about coaching. It is at this level that you learn things like soccer players temperaments and reactions.

Take Online Tutorials

The internet has undoubtedly simplified a lot of things today. There are many things you can learn online, both free, and for a fee, about coaching. Most of these tutorials will be from European trainers; the game is much more popular there. This step should be taken simultaneously with the grassroots apprenticeship, and even after you move to professional training.

Join a Training Body

The purpose of joining CAC or CSA coach training, (the latter offers courses through the National Coaching Certification Program NCCP), is to get coaching certification which will qualify you to be employed as a coach.

The teaching will also enable you to gain more theoretical and practical skills, as you will probably be dealing with coaches who have practiced at the highest level. To join the CAC, you will need to fill out the form on their website The NCCP program can be accessed through Courses cost between $700 and $1400.

Advanced Coaching

If you are eyeing up coaching jobs at the highest level, or even outside the country, you will need to advance your certification even further. A Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) coaching license is especially marketable for assignments outside the country. This will also be handy if you are to work with major league soccer sides. With a pro-license, the territory of a soccer coach is considerably broadened. This type of training, will, however, be much more costly and will require you to invest both time and money.

It is said that there is not much demand for football coaches in Canada, but the future tells a different story. In the coming years, many new clubs are likely to join the MLS. Lower division leagues are also going to experience notable expansion. Coaches who arm themselves with skills now will be a valuable asset in the near future.